happy mood and confidenceConfidence.

It is something we need on a daily basis. It is something we need to start the day right, end it right, and prepare for another one. We need it to reach our goals, face the challenges ahead, and be successful in life.

There are a lot of ways to build confidence. And one of the most helpful is to go beyond our comfort zone. When you push yourself

to do things that give you a little discomfort, scare you or intimidate you, you expand your comfort zone and learn to become more comfortable in doing things.

Apart from going beyond your comfort zone, below are five key habits that are have proven to have confidence-building capabilities.

Accept the reality.

Many people are fond of wishing that things would have been different from what they are. They wish they have a different job. They wish they were richer. They wish their partners would behave differently in certain situations. But getting stuck in wishing for things to be different is rejecting the reality, which crushes your confidence. Instead of making us more confident, it gives us regret, anxiety, and anguish that all destroy our confidence.

Learn a new craft.

Learning should not end the moment you graduate from school. Learning is an ongoing process. We all should strive for learning no matter what age we are, regardless of what point in life we are now. Learning a new craft is a great way to build confidence. Mastering a skill gives us a sense of accomplishment which in turn, boosts our performance.


How does meditation boost confidence? While it does not directly impact our self-esteem, the amazing benefits of meditation significantly impact our confidence level. Practising this mind-body technique is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, through lowering blood pressure and resting heart rate. And just in case you didn’t know – stress and anxiety are two of the biggest threats to our confidence. When you are stressed, anxious and emotionally not feeling well, you are less likely to have high self-esteem.

Work out.

This may come to a

Exercise and depression

Exercise and get moving

surprise, but working out does really benefit your self-esteem. Same with meditation, exercising can greatly reduce stress and anxiety, and boost positive feelings. Of course when you are feeling great, so is your self-esteem. Speaking of exercise, lifting weights should be part of your workout routine. Lifting weights builds muscle and physical strength, which makes us stronger, mentally and physically. Also, losing excess fats keep us in shape and enhance our physical appearance, thus, boosting our confidence.



It is hard to feel confident about anything when you are unprepared. Think about taking an exam. How would you be confident when you didn’t study? Now, think of life as an exam. How would you prepare for it?


Not really sure how to do it? Smile. Smile is a little tiny thing that can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. It calms you, and puts positive vibes to the people around you. Smiling doesn’t cost a thing. But your self-esteem will thank you.

Be grateful.

The more you think about what you do not have and what you can’t have, the less confident you become. Simply thinking about your positive attributes, as well as your accomplishments and blessings, can already boost your confidence. Remember, you don’t have the right to wish for more when you can’t fully appreciate what you already have.



Disappointed in life?  How do you deal with disappointment?

No matter how great your life is, you still are prone to disappointment. All of us are. It is a natural emotion that occurs when we don’t get what we want, what we expect, or what we hope for. Some disappointments are too small to create lasting effect, such as the restaurant’s “best seller” not really tasting good. But some disappointments are big enough to impact our quality of life, like the end of a long-term relationship or job loss.

How do you respond with disappointment? Do you pout? Do you walk away? Do you get angry? Or do you deny it?  Many people find it hard to manage disappointments in life, which leads to bigger problems. If you have troubles coping with disappointments or frustrations that you encounter, the following tips are for you.

Set realistic expectations. Expectations play a big role in your likelihood to be disappointed later in life. Whatever goal it is – whether weight loss, a career change, or a job promotion – you always want to set realistic expectations. You really don’t expect losing 1 stone in one week! No matter how hard you exercise or restrict your diet, it’s almost close to impossible. Consider asking others (your closed friends or family) if your expectations are out of line. They may have a different or better perspective.

Learn to manage your emotions. When you are good at managing emotions, you can effectively deal with just about any negative experiences, including disappointments. You might be tempted to deny or ignore feelings of disappointment, but it isn’t the right thing to do. It may hurt at first but focusing on your emotions is really the best way to eliminate them. Assess what you are feeling at the moment. What specifically is the reason for your disappointment? Is it the fact that you were not hired or is it the feeling of not being ‘good enough’? When you fully understand the real sources of your disappointment, you can formulate better solutions to address them.

Don’t take it personally. It’s easy to be flown away with disappointments and think that they happen because you deserve them. If you think this way, you may be hindering yourself from acquiring wisdom from the failures and negative experiences you encounter. They may look like the thorns in the roses or the stumbling blocks on the road but often, disappointments can help you discover more about yourself, improve your ways and become a better person.

Don’t be afraid to feel disappointed. Experiencing more disappointments can increase your tolerance. Don’t let disappointments in life turn you into a pessimistic person. Well, they probably are events that you may lack control of, but there are more things in your life that you are very much in control of. When you focus more of your energy on them, you will feel better.


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