Can therapy help you transform your life?

We all experience difficult times in our lives. There are days when things aren’t working the way they should, and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t stay positive. Sometimes, our relationship feels frustrating – we feel unloved, uncared for, or taken for granted. There are also moments when we are bombarded with persistent feelings of sadness and we don’t know why.


Sad to say, this is completely normal. Difficulties are part of life. The good thing is that we are all endowed with skills and abilities to get through the bad times, move forward in life, and be happy after all.

talking therapy  Therapy comes in numerous types. You may have heard of psychotherapy,

cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, art therapy, body therapy, etc, etc.  The list can seem endless.  Each therapy involves a different treatment process and depending on the particular difficulty you are working with, each can improve your life skills.

There’s a common belief that therapy is only for the mentally ill. The truth is that you don’t have to have received a diagnosis from the doctor, be totally depressed you are taking time off work or on the verge of splitting from your partner before you look for help.  A ‘talking therapy’ such as counselling is not just about ‘talking about your problems’ but will help you find solutions to your concerns, seek to identify patterns of how you behave, notice things you say but maybe don’t acknwledge conflict with other things that you say.  Even if you feel they aren’t significant they all play a part in your life. Therapies may involve tracking your mood, writing about your thoughts and emotions, participating in social activities, going through your past experiences, and changing some of your views about life. Through therapy, you get the chance to talk about life events that you never had a chance to talk about, or deal with as a young child. Therapy gives you a safe and secure avenue for self expression. Through it, you may realise that it is okay to feel, express, and explore your emotions, particularly those that you have tried to repress a long, long time ago.


Therapy can also be a good place to discover yourself and explore many areas of your life that you haven’t paid attention to for the past years. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and capabilities you never thought you have. It helps you learn to accept yourself, your flaws, and limitations, and be happy of who you are today, whilst continually striving hard to become a better person.  It can be a place where you can practice being a slightly different way to how you may be in the outside world so you can get a feel for whether it is the ‘real you’ or not.


Therapy is not the “magic pill” for all your life’s problems. It’s not going to take away your current problems or prevent the new ones from coming. But one thing’s for sure – it can be of great help. By giving you a place to learn new skills and coping strategies, and by helping you reframe your thoughts to see more of the positive side than the negative side of things – therapy can transform your life significantly, and lead you towards happiness and satisfaction.

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