counselling chilcomptonSome people talk about ‘getting therapy’, ‘counselling’, ‘seeing a psychotherapist’ and you may wonder if there is a difference.

Counselling and Psychotherapy are more similar than they may be different and ‘therapy’ probably covers bothI offer a counselling service. It is a talking therapy.

Counselling could be for you if you want to get your life ‘back on the tracks’ and psychotherapy could be for you if you want to ‘change the tracks’ your life is on, although the overlap between the two therapies is quite considerable.  Counselling tends to be more short-term and can be quite focused on a specific difficulty or current life issue.

Generally people will feel an improvement in their relationships, more confident in themselves and be able to take more risks in their personal lives to achieve their goals with the help of counselling.

Counselling is often called a ‘talking therapy’ and during the sessions I will listen accurately to your concerns in a supporting, accepting and non-judgemental way.  We can set a focus for the work for a short term contract and speficially look at a limited issue in your life.  Alternatively, some clients bring a particular concern and then wish to look at their wider picture.  I can offer support while you chose your path.