Fantastic news

Fantastic news

Our bodies and minds can be trained to be fitter and stronger and more resilient.  Below are a few ideas to try …..


Don’t take things personally

Are people always making you the target of their conversations? If someone does say something mean it doesn’t make it true.  You can take it or leave it.  You are only responsible for your own feelings and you can’t make them change theirs.

Any past hurts are just that. Past.  Let them go.

You know those things are there and you aren’t able to change them.  Try to learn from the past and look towards the future.

Healthy body and a healthy mind

Studies have shown that exercise and good nutrition can improve mental capacity and longevity.  If you are seriously overweight this can lead to self esteem issues and maybe depression.  You know to eat fruit and veg, get moving or join a gym to address your physical health.

Bad habits

If you have them, why not look at making small changes to them to see if you can eleminate them? If you feel the habit is so engrained that it feels impossible, try little adjustments to it.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Strong relationships make us feel better and form friendships that can be supportive when we need them.  It is a 2 way thing that benefits both parties.  Friends can also be encouragement when we need a nudge to help us exercise or change our bad habits.


Take a moment to focus on yourself.  Slow down.  Notice how you breathe, how you are sitting or standing, how you hold your body.  Try tensing some muscles and then relaxing them and see what that feels like.  Being aware of your outer and inner body is important for your mental health.

Need help?

If you need help, try to ask for it.  Every one of us has different challenges in our lifetime and some of them cannot be achieved without help either from a friend, colleague, neighbour or family.  Reaching out for support shows that you are aware of your limitations, have accessed the difficulty and have formed a plan to overcome the problem.  Sitting back and trying to sort it out alone may not work.  How long would you continue to do this and feel happy?  Getting help is easy when you ask in time.

Stretch and challenge yourself

Try to do some new skill or set yourself a goal.  Learning new things improves your mental toughness, strengthens your skill set and may give your new strategies for overcomeing difficulties in other areas.

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