Some small changes to be more confident and to achieve success

Success and confidence

Self confidence is an essential part of our every day life.  Not only for achieving successes but for us to be able to function at school, at work and socially. Below we look at small changes that can help you achieve success, achieve your goals, gain self confidence and set you on a path to gaining that confidence and success.

Set yourself small challenges and achieve those goals

Some changes and challenges seem like climbing Everest so start with small goals.  It will feel good every time that you can conquer that challenge so your confidence will grow.  Try breaking down that ambition into small steps.  One step at a time.

Be accepting and kind to yourself

If you continually berate and beat yourself up about your lack of success and confidence, you aren’t going to feel nice.  If you do look after yourself and treat yourself to a long soak in the bath, new hair style or that item of clothing you would feel good in, then go ahead and treat yourself.  When you feel good, you feel you can achieve more.

Be humble and thankful

We are all hardwired to want more out of life.  If humans weren’t programmed that way, we could all be sitting in caves wearing animal skins and not in warm homes with electricity and our laptops!!  If we continually think of the things that we don’t have, we always feel that we are missing that certain something that if only we could get, would make our lives happier.  Take a look at what you do have.  Every day try to think of the small things that you have done well or feel good about.  Maybe you smiled at someone today and they smiled back?  Did you manage to get all your work completed today?  Perhaps you cooked a really nice supper?  All those things are worth remembering.


What if…….?

We can all fill in a few words after that statement.  What if….. I don’t get that new job?  What if……. I don’tdo well in that exam?  There could be 1,001 statements about that during your day but the outcome is out of your control.  You are wasting your energy and time on something that could have an outcome that you haven’t even thought about yet.  Instead of filling your head with those things, put some energy and focus into ways of improving your career and studying for that exam.



Perhaps there is someone who you wish you could be like?  Find out what qualities they have to make them successul and see how they match your qualities.  Learn about their skills and traits.  Try to research their history before they were successul.  You may learn something about their failures and how they overcame them.  Perhaps you are seeing the end result and not all the failures and hard work that went in previously?

Inner doubts

We all have those voices in our heads saying that we aren’t good enough, our idea won’t be accepted or we are too anxious about what others will think so stay on the sidelines.  Try to turn those voices off or try to turn the volume down so that the other voices of ‘perhaps I could’ and ‘maybe it will be’ can also be heard.


See opportunities and take them


If you continue in the direction you are going, you will end up where you are heading!!  If you don’t take the opportunities then you will never know and never give yourself the opportunity to be successful.





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