Every start of the year gives us a great feeling that there is ‘hope’. That’s most probably why we make New Year resolutions. We all want that this year be better or if not, as happy and fortunate as the last. Nevertheless, no matter how we try to start things right, troubles often come our way. The good news is – we can all bounce back. And as we navigate through the challenges this 2016, it can be helpful to revisit some of the proven ideas and tips on resiliency.

Everything happens for a reason. You can’t stop all the difficulties, but you can change how you look at them. That’s what psychologists call the ‘power of perspective’. Life is not always a bed of roses. There are days, months and years when there are more challenges than happy moments. Whilst we can’t control some of these circumstances, we have the power to change how we perceive them. It’s not that easy but it’s worth the try looking at the glass half full rather than half empty in times of adversities. Instead of wondering why such events are happening, try to figure out the hidden message. “What’s the lesson here?” The challenge you are facing now might be He’s way of preparing you to face a bigger challenge and make sure you are able to get through it. Not only does changing your perspective gives you hope – it also lightens up your burden.

Past is past. We may not have the power to turn back the time and change what has already happened. But, we can always do something to shape and influence what will happen tomorrow. It’s not bad to look at the past from time to time. Surely, you can learn insights from your past experiences. But you don’t have to be stuck in those memories, especially the negative ones. To bounce back, you need to keep moving forward. Whenever those unwanted memories keep bothering your mind, ask yourself “What is more important to me now?”

Laughter is the best medicine. Just because you are going through a difficult time – a job loss, a career shift, a financial burden, or a relationship breakup – it doesn’t mean you should no longer allow yourself to have a good time, to smile and laugh. No matter how hard the situation is, find time to enjoy and have fun. You need it to stay sane. What’s more, remember that the more stressful the circumstances are, the more you need to de-stress and relax your mind, body and spirit. Once your batteries have been recharged, you are more likely to arrive at the best possible solutions to your problems.

Nature has its own ways of healing. When you’re tired, anxious, afraid, or losing hope, go outside – somewhere you can find peace and serenity – in a place where you can freely interact with nature. Breathe fresh air. As you breathe in, take in positivity and hope, and as you breathe out, release those negative feelings and thoughts including your fears and worries. Allow the nature to nourish your mind and spirit. Let it calm you down. Let the hustling of the wind be the music that soothes your worried self.

Never say die. If you are still alive and breathing, that means your purpose in this life is not yet fulfilled. The saying “no one can put you down but yourself” is true. Unless you allow people or the situations in your life to put you down, no one or nothing can stop you from pursuing your goals and finding happiness.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Just because you didn’t get it in your first try doesn’t mean you can never get it ever. There are many paths to success and opportunities. If one path seems like a dead end, go and find another. It may require thinking outside the box, seeking help from others, consulting your peers and superiors and trying several times. If there’s a will, there’s a way!

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