Another New Year isn’t just about making new resolutions for the next year but it can be useful to use it as a time to reflect, learn and take some responsibility for our own lives.  It can be a time to step up, focus on our dreams, get a sense of what we would like to accomplish and begin to create the life that we would love.

If you would take some time to reflect on last year’s experience, previous year’s experiences, any challenges you have encountered, any joys and what learning you have done as well as noticing anything that you would like to celebrate as a good experience for yourself…… what that look like?  Give yourself a boost and do just that.  By focusing on your reflections, you can start to visualise your future based on real experiences you have had that are achieveable because you know not only what you really would like but also what you need to avoid and what you can do about that.  You will develop a sense of your own capabilities, strengths, achievements and ability to deal with more than you might have been aware of.

Firstly, take a pen and paper and write down your thoughts on last year.  What was good, bad, positive, negative, happy, painful or difficult.  Write down what you have learnt from them and how they have helped change you as a person.

Now you can start to notice how far you have come during the last 12 months and what progress you have made.  Give yourself a pat on the back for everythihelping climbng that you have achieved either personally or professionally.  Look at how you worked through difficulties, dealt with hurt, pain, losses and failures.  Br proud of the good friend you have been, for taking care of yourself by eating well, exercising regularly and being brave enough to try new things out.  Keep writing those things down and you will be amazed at what you have done last year.  What does that look like and how does that feel?

Look back over the last year and you can start to see what gave you the most happiness and fulfilment.  How can you get more of that in this year?  Be very specific and write that down.

Go back through last year again and look at what give you the least happiness?  What difficulties did you have to get through?  Were they life challenges or were they self inflicted events?  If self infllicted, what behaviours caused you the pain?  What do you want less of this year?  Again, write down what you can do the improve these situations.

You should be getting a sense now of last year and be able to evaluate how it went for you.

Next thing is to look ahead at this year.  What do you want it to be?  What do you want it to include or have?  Consider these questions for areas of your life such as life, career, finances, health, relationships, romance, leisure/hobbies, personal development, etc.  Whatever areas you want to focus on, it really is up to you.  Write down your vision and place it somewhere you have to see it every day – stuck on the fridge, mirror in the bathroom, etc.  Develop your ideas by additing steps you may need to take to accomlish larger goals, choose images and words that help inspire you and make you feel positive.  Keep it neat and focused.  The more you feed your subconscious mind with what you want, the more it will be propelled to find ways and means to make it happen.

The key to success are focus and repetition.  In order for your vision and desires to manifest in your life, it is important that you continuously keep them in your awareness.  Kepp focussing on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Look at your words, pictures and your vision for this year as often as you can.  Visualise it when you are driving to work, taking a shower or walking the dog.  You are the one that can change your life and you deserve to live the life you want.  Having a focus of what you want is the first step to achieving just that.

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