Here are a few ways to boost your mood after the clocks go back and dark winter evenings begin.

Whenever you can, try smilinghappy mood

like you mean it. A 2011 study carried out by Michigan State University showed that thinking about something positive that makes you smile can actually make you happier. Even if you don’t want to, smiling can instantly uplift your mood. According to a 2003 research by Clark University, just the act of smiling can already activate positive memories.

Try getting outside and taking a walk in the park.  The Global Environment Change journal printed an article in 2013 that found that people are significantly happier when they can spend time in natural environments when compared to urban environments.

During winter we may start to eat more chocolate and Swiss researchers found that eating 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate every day for two weeks reduced stress hormones, including cortisol, in people who were highly stressed.  Dark chocolates are also loaded with antioxidants that promote better health.

Positive psychology

Positive psychology

The Journal of Positive Psychology found that students who listened to ‘happy’ music while making a concerted effort to feel happier experience elevations in their mood.  Try having a dance, tapping that toe or really listen to some beautiful music.

Sometimes having a wee nap can lift our spirits if we feel irritable and showing signs of sleep deprivation.

Get involved in something.  Volunteer your time and talents for a local project.  Reaching out to others can have a significant impact on your woods.

Reflect on your happy times in the past.  Whether it is your first date, how you met your partner, a film your really enjoyed, a meal that was beautifull cooked.  Feeling nostalgic about a good time in the past can make you feel more optimistic about having those times again in the future.

Some people can look at the positive side of anything so try looking for the brighter side in your circumstances.  How you look at things can change your moods.  It can be your perspective on life that predicts whether you see things as a challenge or a disaster.

Try looking at the ‘sunny’ side of the situation rather than focusing on the negative. How you look at things change everything. It’s your perspectives in life, not the things you have, that predict whether you will be a happy or lonely person.

Get a new hobby or start a new project.  Have a good clear out of your wardrobe, sort through your kitchen cupboards or decorate your spare room.  Maybe learning a new skill, starting a fitness class or re-connecting with friends could help.

Whatever it is that your find helps you, remember to keep doing it.

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